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5 Ways Your Face Changes as You Get Older

We all recognize the wrinkles that form and the silver hairs that sprout up out of nowhere, but have you ever wondered how aging alters your face? We want our customers to be informed! So, here are five ways your face changes as you get older, and how you can prevent further aging signs or treat the ones you already have.


  1. Eyes: The shape and size of your eyes never changes as you get older, rather the skin around the eyes, forehead, and upper cheeks begins to stretch and eventually sag. Keeping your skin well moisturized plays a key role in minimizing the sunken-in appearance that aging has to the eyes. Using the proper topicals, you can easily keep the skin around your eyes smooth and elastic. You can try different treatment options such as injectables, dermal fillers, and other spa services in Pittsburgh, PA offered by Acqua Blu Medical Spa that can reverse undereye bags and dark circles caused by aging.


  1. Eyebrows: Your eyebrows can droop with age, creating the appearance of heavy-lidded eyes. Eyes that always look tired can be avoided by using Botox around your eyebrows, which preserves the shape of the brows and lifts them at the arch and tail. This effectively creates the visage of a younger looking face.


  1. Nose: Over time, the internal structures of the nose softens and nasal tissue begins to experience atrophy. These changes cause your nose to look wider and even larger, but fillers help to create the illusion of a thinner, smaller nose.


  1. Jaw: During adolescence, the skin is fresh and hasn’t lost its elasticity. With time, the skin and tissues around the neck and jaw drop, creating jowls that drastically age the face. The sharp angles of the jaw line become lost, making the face less defined in shape. Fillers can help to correct these effects, and skin tighteners can subtly lift the face to redefine the jaw.


  1. Lips: One of the most noticeable marks that age leaves on the face, are the thin red lines that begin to crease along the upper lip. As you age, your lips lose their plumpness and tone, gradually resulting in volume loss. This can be treated with hyaluronic acid fillers that restore the volume to your lips and bring back their youthful pout.


When it comes to your skin, especially on your face, you should be able to trust the quality of the products being used. You should be able to feel confident that any treatment given is chosen to ensure a healthy and flawless result. At our skin center in Pittsburgh, PA, Acqua Blu Medical Spa and Plastic Surgery Center offers a diverse range of solutions, including laser skin resurfacing, non-surgical contouring, dermal fillers, and an array of other specialized treatments. Don’t forget to ask about our laser hair removal procedures so you can get the best hair removal in Pittsburgh, PA!