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Dermaplaning Isn’t the Same as Shaving

Dermaplaning removes the vellus hairs – the soft, surface hairs of your face. It also goes a step beyond and removes the dead skin cells on your face, giving you an exfoliation treatment like other techniques, such as a light chemical peel. Shaving lacks the precision of dermaplaning and does not exfoliate in the manner that dermaplaning was designed to do. This treatment done by a professional, can keep your skin looking fresh, smooth, and glowing.

Dermaplaning: precision exfoliation and hair removal

Many people, as they age, develop fine hair, known as vellus hair. This “peach-fuzz” can hinder make-up application and can make you feel self-conscious. Dermaplaning removes this soft layer of hair, as well as the dying skin cells on the surface of your face, to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Some of the benefits of dermaplaning include:

  • Smoother, fresher skin
  • Easier application of makeup
  • Rejuvenated appearance
  • Gentle exfoliation technique
  • Able to be performed on people who are not candidates for a chemical peel or laser treatment

Am I a candidate for dermaplaning?

Candidates for dermaplaning include anyone with fine, vellus hair they would like to remove, or anyone looking for gentle, chemical-free exfoliation. If you have active acne or infections on your skin, then dermaplaning may irritate that condition, so you must wait until your skin is clear before undergoing the treatment. Schedule a consultation with us today to see if you could benefit from dermaplaning.

Will my hair grow back darker after dermaplaning?

Your hair will not grow back darker after dermaplaning. Dermaplaning, as well as shaving, do not affect the hair follicle. You can expect to see the hair growing back about a week after treatment with the same thickness and color it was before treatment.

Professional dermaplaning treatments vs. dermaplaning at home

Having dermaplaning performed by a trained and certified professional means that you are receiving the highest quality treatment. The surgical grade blades used by professionals can remove the surface layer of skin as well as the vellus hairs without any snagging. You don’t want to risk scarring or ingrown hairs by trying the procedure at home.

Dermaplaning kits for at-home use do not contain the materials necessary for precision exfoliation. Also, re-using a blade could pose a risk of infection, especially if you have active infections or acne. Dermaplaning should be performed by a trained professional – not at home.

Our approach

Our skin specialists are highly trained and love helping people look and feel their best. Our offices are inviting and relaxing so that your dermaplaning experience is tranquil and pleasurable. We use surgical grade blades that produce incredibly smooth results that you’ll love. By having a professional treatment, your skin is in safe hands, as we ensure that the right treatment is being used for your skin type, health, and cosmetic concerns. Have the treatment you deserve and treat yourself to smooth, beautiful skin. We aim to help you shine, inside and out!