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Is the PicoWay™ Laser Right For You?

Do you feel confident in your skin? Or do blemishes, regrettable tattoos, or signs of aging make you want to cover up? It’s time to show off your beautiful complexion again. It’s time to ask our cosmetic specialists about PicoWay™.

How Does the PicoWay™ Laser Work?

The PicoWay™ laser uses ultra-short, high-powered picosecond (trillionths of a second) pulses to transform your skin from the inside out. This laser leaves your outer layer of skin untouched, and its fast pulses stop your skin from overheating. This laser also comes with two different handpieces to resolve different complexion concerns.

The PicoWay Zoom™ handpiece targets pigment in the skin, such as built-up melanin or tattoo ink. Usually, these pigment particles are too large for your body to clear away. PicoWay™ Zoom, however, will break up the pigment into tiny pieces — like turning pebbles into sand.

The PicoWay Resolve™ handpiece is used to promote a fresh and youthful appearance, reducing wrinkles and other signs of aging. This handpiece splits the PicoWay™ laser into 100 identical beams. These beams create tiny open spaces deep in your skin that your body will fill up with collagen and elastin.

What Can PicoWay™ Treat?

PicoWay™ offers state-of-the-art treatment for:

  • Tattoos
  • Wrinkles
  • Scars
  • Café au lait spots
  • Liver spots
  • Age spots
  • Melasma
  • Freckles
  • Stretchmarks

This procedure strives to turn back the clock on your complexion, all with less downtime, fewer treatments, and better results. Is PicoWay™ the right choice to resolve your skin issues?  Answer these questions to find out.

Do You Want Faster Results?

The smaller the pigment particles in your skin, the easier it is for your body to remove those particles through natural processes. PicoWay™ breaks up pigmentation into significantly smaller pieces than other lasers, so you come in for fewer treatments and spend less time waiting between appointments.

Are You Always On-the-Go?

Not only do you have to come in for fewer treatments when you choose PicoWay™, but you will also enjoy fast appointments and little to no downtime. You don’t have to take off work to recover. You can just get up and go!

Most PicoWay™ treatments will last less than 30 minutes, and some issues can be treated in just five minutes. That’s quick enough that you can stop by before work or schedule an appointment during your lunch break.

Do You Find Other Laser Treatment Uncomfortable?

As with any laser treatment, you’ll find that you experience different levels of discomfort depending on the nature of your concern and its location on your body. Overall, however, the PicoWay™ procedure is usually more comfortable because its ultra-short pulses transfer less heat to your skin.

Is Your Skin Type Sensitive to Other Laser Treatments?

Other laser treatments can cause unpleasant side effects for certain skin types. This occurs because heat from the laser affects the skin surrounding the treatment site.

The PicoWay™ laser, on the other hand, is safe and effective for a broad range of skin types. This fractional laser will remove your unwanted lesions or tattoo ink without harming the healthy skin surrounding it. Additionally, PicoWay™ can deliver three different energy wavelengths, which allows your physician to choose an option that will more strongly affect your unwanted blemish, rather than your natural skin color.

Do You Regret An Old Tattoo?

Approximately one in four people with tattoos regret getting one. Unfortunately, tattoo ink is difficult to remove because it is made up of large particles that are injected into a deep layer of the skin. While shades of black and blue are relatively easy to treat with traditional laser options, colors like red, yellow, and green can be tough to erase.

PicoWay™ laser tattoo removal uses different wavelengths of energy to target black ink and colored ink. It penetrates your skin to break up the ink particles into tiny pieces that your body can carry away, leaving healthy skin behind.

Would You Like More Bang for Your Buck?

If you choose to resolve your skin concerns or remove a tattoo with PicoWay™, then you might be surprised to learn that this cutting-edge procedure comes at a similar price to less effective treatments. PicoWay™ offers more for your money.

Is It Time to Schedule a Consultation?

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