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How Does Acqua Blu Medical Spa Approach UltraShape Power™ with Their Patients?

When it comes to a brand new and state-of-the-art procedure — even when there are plenty of Before and After images — many patients can still feel indecisive. At our medical spa, we have a complete understanding of each new procedure and pass that information along to our patients. Here, we offer a few main points that will set UltraShape Power™ apart from the rest while also making you feel completely at ease.

Delve into the Science

This procedure uses ultrasound energy that is delivered directly into the diet-resistant and lingering fat right below your skin’s surface. This causes the targeted fat cells in the area to rupture via rapidly changing pressure waves, releasing triglycerides, which are processed by your liver and removed from your body naturally.

Be Reassured of Your Safety

While surgery is always a risk, UltraShape Power™ is in another class entirely. This non-surgical, non-invasive, and painless procedure is ideal for anyone combating stubborn flab that just will not fall off you regardless of dieting or lifestyle changes. This procedure is the very first and only FDA-cleared treatment that uses pulsed and focused ultrasound to destroy fat cells. In the process, it does not harm the surrounding skin, nerves, or blood vessels!

And Your Downtime

Because it is ultrasound, UltraShape Power™ doesn’t use incisions or anesthetics. What does this mean for you? No downtime! In fact, on average the pain level is 0.7 out of 10. Who said beauty always comes with pain? There are no visible side effects from this procedure, which is quite unlike other fat reduction treatments out there.

Take a Look at Past Results

After your procedure, the targeted area is smooth and contoured. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, UltraShape Power™ can hand deliver you the body image you’ve been striving for.

The typical regimen of this procedure is three treatments that are spaced two weeks apart. This gives your body time to adjust so that the procedure can give you optimal results.

We believe how you perceive this all-new and innovative procedure is very important, and it is our goal to provide you with choices and options that can ensure you are achieving your ultimate goals. At Acqua Blu Medical Spa, our Botox in Pittsburgh, PA may seem like the perfect fit for you, but perhaps our dermal fillers in Pittsburgh, PA suit your needs even more. This is why it is very important to schedule your consultation with us so we can help you walk through the many choices. Call today: 724-269-2726.