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What is dermalinfusion?

Dermalinfusion involves combining exfoliation and extraction to create a skin surface that will accept infusions of specialized nutrient serums. The results of a regular dermalinfusion treatment can keep your skin ultra-hydrated, glowing, and refreshed beyond expectations.

How does DermaSweep work?

At Acqua Blu, we want your journey to beauty and self-care to be exceptionally pleasant. We ensure you are comfortable during your Pittsburgh DermaSweep treatment, which is painless and offers very rewarding results – you will see and feel the difference in skin quality immediately after your session. The three-step system involves the following steps:

Exfoliates: DermaSweep treatments start with exfoliation, performed with a patent-pending bristle-tip handpiece, that gently removes the skin’s top layer of dead and dying skin that dulls your complexion. This gentle exfoliation effectively removes the dirt, dead, and dying cells from your face – reducing the appearance of blemishes and imperfections on your skin and revealing fresh, healthy skin cells beneath for a beautiful glow.

Improves critical micro-circulation: The innovative DermaSweep technology improves circulation and blood flow, so your skin can more easily shed toxins, and triggers healthy skin cell regeneration. The increased circulation in tiny skin blood vessels makes it possible for your skin to accept and spread our nourishing serums and oxygen – the secret to fresh, glowing, red-carpet-ready skin.

Infuses: the DermaSweep system infuses custom serums immediately after exfoliation to allow the serum to penetrate more deeply into the skin surface. What serums will be right for your skin? We will evaluate your skin quality and choose the serums that will produce the highest level of skin enhancement for you.

Our serums: Get the glow.

The serum formulas have been developed to produce optimal results in skin renewal. They are paraben-free and contain various skin-rejuvenating ingredients, including:

  • Growth factors
  • Peptides
  • Vitamin C
  • TCA
  • Hyaluronic acid

Why choose Acqua Blu for dermalinfusion?

Acqua Blu was founded by an acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Brian Heil. His approach was to offer the most advanced and effective non-surgical face and body enhancements in a luxurious, private environment. When undergoing dermalinfusion treatments at Acqua Blu, you can be confident in the process, as our hand-selected skin care experts are known for achieving real-world results.

What is the treatment like to experience?

Imagine a skin rejuvenation treatment that creates instant visible results – and is painless. You will simply rest while we perform your DermaSweep treatment in Pittsburgh, which takes only about 30 minutes to complete. When the treatment is complete, your skin will feel incredibly soft and supple, hydrated and restored. If you are planning to attend a special event, why not take a hint from the celebrities, and undergo this amazing skin renewal treatment. That beautiful glow can be yours. We recommend adding a regular dermalinfusion treatment in Pittsburgh to your beauty regime.

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