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An Insider View of a Halo Laser Treatment: Here’s the Scoop!

Before undergoing a consultation for a new-to-you treatment such as dermal fillers in Pittsburgh, PA, or a Halo laser treatment in Wexford, PA, it is important for many patients to know exactly what they are in for to ask the educated questions that are pertinent to their own specific case. Because of this, we want to make sure we can provide you with all the information possible before you are ready to make your appointment.

When it comes to Halo laser treatments, you may be stuck trying to picture what it will be like start to finish, but instead of trying to research it, all of your information is located right here at Acqua Blu Medical Spa!

Why are you interested in Halo?

Is it because you want to achieve a better you, feel more confident about yourself, or maybe both? No matter the case, hold strong to your goals and achieve them with this non-ablative and ablative hybrid laser.

What Halo’s one-of-a-kind technology will offer you is the best of both worlds, creating controlled zones of coagulation at chosen depths to stimulate the growth of new collagen while also fractionally ablate to address the texture and tone of your skin.

When undergoing this treatment, a topical anesthetic is applied, and you will have to wait until the numbness fully takes effect. The feeling of it does not come off as uncomfortable in any way. Next, measurements are taken with the laser to determine the depth of your skin, so the laser can “know” how far to go in order to achieve the best results.

Will it hurt?

When the laser goes around the nose and lips, it can be a little more sensitive, but otherwise, you may feel only a mild discomfort and warmth on your skin. In just under an hour, it is over, and you will be surprised at how fast the treatment was.

While everyone responds differently after the treatment, there are a few basics that can occur:

  • The aftereffects can feel like sunburn
  • You may have some swelling
  • It can look like there are “coffee grounds” on your skin – this means it’s working!
  • On day two, you can apply Aquaphor to alleviate any sting and keep a protective barrier
  • It can take up to two weeks to see the first results


It is our goal to make sure you feel confident, safe, and comfortable in the entire Halo treatment process. Along with our other treatments, such as dermal fillers near Morgantown, West Virginia, we want you to always be in the know.