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Just in Time to Get Rid of Those Sunspots From Summer: Photofacials FAQ

First off, what is a Photofacial?

As an all-new, revolutionary skin rejuvenating procedure, Photofacial uses innovative broadband light technology to target select blood vessels and pigments beneath the surface of the skin while leaving the upper layer of skin cells untouched. Because of this, damage is reduced significantly without affecting the results.

Who is a candidate for a Photofacial?

Those who have discolored skin from:

  • Sunspots

  • Rosacea

  • Brown spots

  • Injured blood vessels

And those who have large pores, other skin conditions, or poorly textured skin can all benefit from this treatment. We recommended that you make a consultation appointment for our spa services in Pittsburgh, PA, to decide if this is the right procedure for you.

Is it painful?

We apply cooling gel to the skin before your Photofacial treatment to minimize discomfort and cool the skin surface.

How long until I see results and will they last?

It takes about 3-5 separate monthly treatments before results become visible. Once the results are clear, how long it lasts fully depends on the amount of sun exposure you endure. Sunscreen and staying out of the sun is a necessity for long-lasting results.

Give us a call today at 724-269-2726 to schedule your Photofacial treatment. We also offer complimentary consultation in Wexford and Pittsburgh for those who wish to learn more about this unique treatment. If you are looking for Botox near Morgantown, West Virginia, you can also schedule your consultation with us!