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How Much Botox Will I Need?

If you are getting Botox for the first time, then you may be surprised to learn that this treatment is usually priced by how many units of Botox you receive. Naturally, this leads many patients to wonder how many units they will need to achieve the results they desire.

Unfortunately, this seemingly simple question isn’t so simple. Many factors can influence the amount of Botox that you need:

Your Gender

Men have more muscle mass in their brows and foreheads than women, so they will require more Botox to achieve the same amount of relaxation. The physicians’ technique will also be slightly different depending on the patient’s gender because men and women tend to have different aesthetic preferences.

Your Muscle Strength

Botox injections inhibit the nerves that cause your facial muscles to contract. When they are weakened, they can’t make the movements that cause lines and wrinkles. The stronger your muscles, the more Botox you need. You may even require more units for one side of your face than the other.

Your Ultimate Goal

Some patients may prefer a completely motionless result, while others may wish to maintain some amount of movement for a more natural look. The more movement you retain, the fewer units of Botox you need.

Your Facial Features

Depending on the shape and size of your face, you may need a different amount of Botox to soften your features and prevent wrinkles from forming. For example, if you have a small forehead, you may need less Botox than average.

Your Metabolism

The effects of your Botox will only last until your body metabolizes the product. Most patients can enjoy smoother skin for four to six months. Those who have a fast metabolism, however, may need more Botox or may need to schedule a follow-up appointment sooner.

Which Areas of the Face Will Your Treatment Target?

For an estimate of how many units the average patient needs for popular Botox facial areas, check out the infographic below.

how much botox will i need-page-001

Ultimately, you can’t know how many units of Botox you will need until you come in for a consultation with skin specialists in Pittsburgh, PA, or wherever you are located.

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