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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Reduction

Were You Aware That Over 80 % Of Females Have Cellulite?
Cellulite refers to the appearance of dimpled skin on the thighs, hips, buttocks and abdomen. Although it is most commonly considered a problem for females, there are many instances in which men can be affected by cellulite as well. Contrary to popular belief, cellulite is not a skin issue, nor is it derived from excess weight on the body. Despite cellulite remaining a common physical attribute that does not impact your overall health, it may contribute to a deflated sense of self-esteem or make you feel self-conscious when wearing shorts or a swim-suit.

Cellulite Reduction

Topical skin treatments, diet, and exercise can’t be considered the best cellulite reduction options because cellulite is actually created by a structural unevenness of fatty tissue beneath the skin’s surface, and not by the skin cells or fatty tissues themselves.

There are far too many advertised cellulite treatments–including massages and creams–claiming to offer the best cellulite removal that money can buy, but they don’t live up to the hype. Unfortunately, these treatments always fall short of your expectations because they do not deal with cellulite at its structural source. Thankfully, a revolutionary skin treatment has now been made available to you through our talented Acqua Blu Medical Spa staff in Pittsburgh, PA.

Profound is a new, energy-based treatment, which can produce lifted, smoothed, and contoured skin without a surgical procedure. After receiving FDA clearance in 2016 as a new cellulite treatment opportunity for patients with minimal discomfort and downtime, Profound quickly became the best cellulite reduction treatment in our Wexford, PA location.

profound_celluliteThe Profound procedure utilizes a bipolar radiofrequency and a microneedle device to specifically treat below the skin (in the subcutaneous fat), and stimulate the natural reproduction of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. As these natural building blocks are being replaced, the skin’s overall appearance is improved and a decrease in cellulite indentations and undulations can be seen within a short period of time.

There is minimal discomfort during the procedure. The side effects include the appearance of sunburn and a burning sensation around the treated areas. Our providers at Pittsburgh, PA prefer the use of topical anesthetic ointments to reduce any discomfort you might feel. In some cases, small red dots may develop, but they will fade away within a few short weeks. Overall healing time for Wexford, PA patients usually lasts no longer than four weeks total.

The Profound treatment represents a great breakthrough in aesthetic medicine, since cellulite has been more than challenging to treat. Existing medicine and technology has yet to remove cellulite completely, but the Profound treatment proves to greatly minimize its appearance and treat cellulite at its source. Although it may require a number of treatments to obtain your desired results, within six months, you could be confidently showing off smoother, healthier skin.

If you are looking for the best cellulite removal in Pennsylvania ask our professionals about Profound in your first consultation. If Profound isn’t the right fit for your needs, Acqua Blu Medical Spa also offers fat freezing treatments like CoolSculpting and the most renowned non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation in Pittsburgh and Wexford, PA. Call today to schedule an appointment and achieve the flawless skin you’ve been missing out on!

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