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Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatment

Sexual wellness isn’t typically discussed in an open fashion, and unlike other cosmetic procedures that have become more accepted by the public, sexual treatments have not gained much popularity in the media. As women, our sexual health can greatly impact our overall sense of wellbeing and determine our confidence in more than just the bedroom. As we age, our sex lives can begin to decline for multiple reasons. Women, in particular, can suffer from a diminished sex drive because it becomes less stimulating, pleasant, or rewarding as it once had been.

What is VRS, Vaginal Atrophy, and Urinary Incontinence?

thermiVaginal Relaxation Syndrome (or VRS) and Vaginal Atrophy are two very common problems that women face. Both can be caused by illnesses that interfere with normal female hormonal balances, or as the result of natural aging, pregnancy, childbirth, and natural or induced menopause.

  • VRS is also described as laxity of the vaginal wall, which causes a loss of friction during intercourse and can result in less sexual satisfaction for both partners.
  • Vaginal Atrophy is the thinning of the vaginal walls and loss of lubrication in the vaginal mucosa. It can also have a profound effect on sexual function and quality of life for many women.

thermiva treatment pittsburgh It is also common for women to suffer from stress-induced Urinary Incontinence. This is when small amounts of urine leak during activities that put additional pressure on the abdominal wall, such as coughing sneezing or lifting weights. This happens because the muscles supporting the urethra have lost their strength, which can be as a result of damage to the pelvic support structure during pregnancy and childbirth, or even as the consequence of frequent physical activity.

The health of the urinary tract is closely linked to vaginal symptoms such as the absence of estrogen.  This leads to frequent nocturnal urination, urinary urgency, painful urination, stress urinary incontinence, and post-coital infections.

What Are the Options Available for Treating These Symptoms?

Until recently, treatment options were limited. In the case of surgery for treatment, it is invasive and doesn’t always have the best outcome. Exercise and oral medication is another method of non-surgical treatment, but it remains relatively ineffective. Medications that tend to work better on these systems, also have the tendency to carry a high risk for unwanted side effects. Luckily, new skin treatment options at our vaginal rejuvenation treatment center in Pittsburgh are now available.


ThermiVa is an all-new non-surgical procedure for vaginal tightening and labia rejuvenation. Using ThermiRF’s innovative radiofrequency technology, the ThermiVa device can help women suffering from:

ThermiVa is an all-new non-surgical procedure for vaginal tightening and labia rejuvenation. Using ThermiRF’s innovative radiofrequency technology, the ThermiVa device can help women suffering from:

  • Vaginal laxity
  • Low libido
  • Orgasmic dysfunction
  • Vaginal/vulvar dryness or atrophic vaginitis
  • Stress incontinence
  • Prolapse
  • And much more!

Our Thermiva treatment in Pittsburgh will resolve these issues without the need for surgery or other drastic measures. Whether from vaginal birth, aging, or any of the like, we can turn back your clock down there!

How does ThermiVa work?

At the forefront of vulvovaginal wellness for women, ThermiVa delivers precise thermal energy to the internal vagina or external labia. This controlled heat triggers the regrowth of collagen to help strengthen the structural support columns and localized skin.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

  • Internal vaginal tightening
    The full length of the vagina and opening will see a reduction in laxity that is both noticeable to the patient and to their significant other.
  • External labia tightening
    The sag or “camel toe” appearance will be improved via tightening the tissues to reveal smoother and softer skin. Our patients will have more comfort in tight clothing and also feel more confident about their bodies.
  • Increased moisture
    Because there is tighter and thicker skin, there will be more moisture both internally and externally. Atrophic vaginitis and vaginal dryness will be resolved to make sexual intercourse and daily life much more comfortable.
  • Alleviation of incontinence
    Accidents, leakages, urge symptoms, or the like will no longer be such a looming possibility. Instead, patients report that they see a drop in these symptoms.
  • Increased libido and sexual satisfaction
    Our ThermiVa treatment in Pittsburgh will give you increased sensitivity, boosting your sexual experience and giving you stronger muscular contractions or orgasms over a much shorter length of time.

How many treatments will I need?

The full treatment at our vaginal rejuvenation treatment center in Pittsburgh involves three different treatments over a period of three months.

How is the recovery?

There is no downtime involved with ThermiVa, and no anesthetics are needed. During the procedure, patients are comfortable, relaxed, and experience no pain at all.

Ladies, if you are looking for non surgical vaginal rejuvenation in Pittsburgh, ThermiVa is the perfect solution for you! Improve your life and ignite the confidence in your body that you deserve. Your significant other will be pleasantly surprised and so will you! Can you imagine what results ThermiVa can give to you?

To schedule your consultation and go over your specific details, please give us a call at: 724-269-2726. Our ThermiVa treatment in Pittsburgh will take care of your common symptoms to improve your feminine wellness.

ThermiVa Before and After


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The Lotus Gynolaser represents a new generation of non surgical vaginal rejuvenation in Pittsburgh for vaginal laxity and atrophy. It uses CO2 laser technology proven to be one of the most powerful and efficient laser technologies in practice.

The Lotus Gynolaser treatment at our vaginal rejuvenation treatment center in Pittsburgh stimulates the mucosal (mucous-making) tissues of the vagina and promotes neocollagensis: an enriching of the mucous membrane with new, more tense and elastic collagen. The Lotus Gynolaser also helps to restore the natural PH of the vaginal mucosa, resulting in greater flexibility, strength and moisture content, and a tighter, better-lubricated vaginal wall.

The Lotus Gynolaser is also an effective treatment for stress urinary incontinence, because of collagen restoral. Women who suffer from stress Urinary Incontinence have significantly less collagen in their cells. Collagen maintains the strength and elasticity of cell and tissue structure, and its loss is believed to reduce the ability of the pelvic floor muscles to support the urinary tract. By tightening your vaginal walls, the Lotus Gynolaser has a positive effect on the strength and ability of the pelvic muscles to perform their role in bladder control.

About the Procedure:

The treatment is a quick in-office procedure at our vaginal rejuvenation treatment center in Pittsburgh, and does not require any anesthesia. The laser energy is gently delivered directly to the vaginal tissue using a comfortable applicator. The laser heats the tissue, stimulating collagen production to tighten the vaginal wall and restores bladder control over time.

Procedures using the Lotus Gynolaser take only five minutes to complete, and patients are able to return to their normal activities as soon as treatment is over.

What type of results can I expect?

The great majority of treated patients report a significant reduction in vaginal dryness, vaginal burning, and pain during intercourse, resulting in sexual and urinary function improvement, and even greater sexual gratification. This is only possible due to the stimulation of the vaginal mucosa, wherein, the growth of new cells and tissues is taking place for weeks after each treatment. Most patients report a noticeable increase in lubrication and mucosal elasticity after just the first treatment! For optimal results, a course of three treatments spaced six weeks apart (each), with maintenance treatments once a year (or as needed) is recommended.

How long will these results last?

Just as with any non surgical vaginal rejuvenation in Pittsburgh, there has to be some ongoing maintenance involved. After the three recommended treatments, most patients return for a yearly maintenance treatment. Everybody is different. Our bodies have constant cellular turnover; collagen levels will also decrease over time if you do not keep up with maintenance therapy. Unfortunately, no treatment is permanent, as we cannot stop the aging process.

What kind of laser is the Lotus Gynolaser?

The Lotus Gynolaser is a patented fractional CO2 laser, specifically designed for treatment for vaginal atrophy. It delivers thermal effect to the mucosa, helping to regenerate the underlying connective tissue. Treatment is only five minutes, and the patient’s downtime is minimal. It is the optimal choice for those of you looking for the best non-surgical treatment for your sexual health needs: it doesn’t require any anesthesia, and it does not involve incisions or stitching. A disposable i-Slide tube fits over the sterilized laser cylinder to assure comfort and hygiene.

How does the Gynolaser work?

Lotus Gynolaser uses a non-surgical fractional C02 laser system, very similar to the laser treatments that have long been available for facial rejuvenation. The laser works by optically splitting a laser beam into a series of very small dots. These dots are aimed at the inside wall of the vagina or vaginal canal. The laser pulses for less than a tenth-of-a-second, during which the intensity of the laser is carefully varied by a computer to match the characteristics of the existing vaginal wall.

At the point of contact, the laser removes a tiny area of tissue, creating a pinhole around the same size as the diameter of a human hair (minuscule). The pinhole stimulates the body to repair itself, which signals cells to create new, healthy tissue at the site of the dot and the flesh immediately surrounding it.

The laser also works to heat the area between dots, stimulating the activity of specialized cells that create elastin and collagen: the building blocks of healthy tissue. This process involves the same concepts as many facial rejuvenation procedures in terms of skin healing and collagen stimulation.


What are the benefits of this treatment?

The Lotus Gynolaser treatment causes a functional restoration of the vaginal mucosa, which helps to greatly reduce or even eliminate the symptoms of vaginal atrophy: a widespread problem among pre and postmenopausal women (and women who have lost estrogen due to other conditions such as going through chemotherapy).

Thanks to its action on factors that lead to vaginal dryness, fragility, and loss of mucosal elasticity, this treatment can eliminate troublesome itching, irritation, and pain, which become particularly acute during intercourse.

The interaction with the laser stimulates the collagen contained in the vaginal walls, and helps the lining to grow and thicken. This results in vaginal rehydration and functional tissue restoration, which can give you back your self-confidence and sexual sensation.

What should I expect from the procedure?

At the start of your treatment(s), a swab will be inserted into your vagina to dry out the inside as much as possible, prior to the insertion of the laser. This is a slightly uncomfortable part of the procedure, but it is over with quickly.

No anesthesia is required. Most patients describe the actual laser firing as a slight “tingling” sensation. Although the fractional CO2 laser treatment is performed inside the vagina, there is no pain associated with the treatment. The only discomfort that patients experience is in the initial treatment when first inserting the laser handpiece into the vagina, and that discomfort is due to the patient’s atrophy symptoms. You can relax knowing that the discomfort you will face  is less than that of a speculum insertion.

Who is a candidate for treatment?


Lotus Gynolaser is best suited for those struggling with vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, and painful sexual intercourse related to peri and postmenopausal changes from decreased estrogen levels. Also, women undergoing hormonal treatment for breast cancer are great candidates as well. Lotus Gynolaser is the ideal treatment for those who are looking for a less invasive procedure, compared to traditional surgical or pharmaceutical treatments.

Preparation for your Lotus Gynolaser Treatment

All patients must meet with our medical provider at our vaginal rejuvenation treatment center in Pittsburgh or Wexford, PA for consultation prior to getting a Lotus Gynolaser treatment. You will also need to have had a PAP smear and examination proving you have no abnormalities within the last 12 months.

How is the recovery? 

Most women report slight localized discomfort following the laser treatment and during the first few days after the session. Many patients resume their normal routine after as little as one to three days. During the healing period, it is recommended to avoid lifting weights, taking a hot bath, or physical exercise. Your doctor will give you specific indications for a speedy recovery. Treated patients can resume sexual activity after three to four days after treatment in order to allow the vaginal canal surface to heal properly.

Are there any risks? 

The risks are minimal. The treatment is performed as an in-office treatment with no anesthesia. Mild discomfort, slight redness, swelling, or itching can be temporary side effects, but they should disappear within 1-2 days.

How much does a Lotus Gynolaser treatment cost? 

Lotus Gynolaser treatments are not covered by either Medicare or health insurance. Care Credit financing is available.

Pricing will depend on the number of sessions recommended in your treatment plan, and your treatment plan will cater to your clinical needs and be presented to you during the consultation.

  • It is advised that patients adhere to their suggested treatment plan even if they are satisfied with the improvement after the first treatment.
  • Repeated treatment at specified intervals allows longer lasting improvement.
  • Women interested in treatment are encouraged to contact our office to receive an accurate cost and for further information.

A standard Lotus Gynolaser treatment plan consists of an initial medical consultation, three treatment sessions over 18 weeks, and a yearly maintenance treatment.

Please call 724-269-2726 to find out how Lotus Gynolaser or ThermiVa can help you with common symptoms of bladder leakage, urinary stress incontinence, atrophy, dryness, laxity, or painful sexual intercourse. We offer an amazing array of solutions, treatments, or specials–like our fat freezing CoolSculpting or PCA SKIN chemical peel treatment–for you to review before scheduling an appointment.


The information herein is intended solely to provide a general introduction to the Lotus Gynolaser, which involves the use of a vaginal laser for the treatment of vaginal atrophy. This information is not to be used to determine the appropriateness of this procedure for a given individual, nor provide any guarantee of the final outcome or results of the treatment. Further details regarding the Lotus Gynolaser Procedure and whether or not it is right for you should be discussed with your Gynecologist.