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Why More Women Are Turning to Facial Fillers to Boost Self-Confidence

Recent research conducted by Allergan, the makers of BOTOX and Juvederm, suggests that more women are now opting for injectable facial fillers to boost their self-confidence, while boosting their appearance is taking somewhat of a backseat. Of course, looks may very well be tied into one’s sense of self, but when asked about their motivations for getting injectable fillers, the majority of women ranked boosting confidence above or equal to improving their appearance.

Sixty-five percent of these women also reported feeling that facial fillers are now more socially acceptable and accessible than in the past, making them an easy choice for a simultaneous cosmetic and confidence booster. So is it true that injectable fillers can really make you happier?

Facial Fillers and Self-Confidence: What’s the Connection?

Numerous studies have found that injectables and other cosmetic procedures can significantly influence your overall happiness and satisfaction with life. One such study asked participants questions related to their physical health, mood, overall satisfaction with life, household activities, body image, self-consciousness, intellect, self-worth, appearance, attractiveness, and sense of well-being. Across the board, participants ranked these factors higher following BOTOX treatments than prior to their procedure. (United Press International)

When it comes down to it, facial fillers and injectables like BOTOX and Juvederm can have the power to boost your self-confidence and body image because when you look your best, you tend to also feel your best. However, cosmetic procedures aren’t a magic wand that can erase all underlying body image problems, so it’s still important that you put thought into your decision before springing for injections.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Your Appointment

Ultimately, you’re the only person who can decide if injectable fillers are the right treatment for you at this particular stage of life. If you’re considering using them as a confidence and appearance booster, ask yourself these three questions first:

  1. Who are you doing this for? It’s so important that you get injectable fillers for the right reason. And that reason should be because you want them for yourself, not for your spouse, partner, or even friends.
  2. Have emotional issues driven your decision? If you’ve been feeling depressed or stuck in a rut and think that a cosmetic procedure will be your answer, this may not be the right time to schedule your appointment. Make sure that your decision isn’t being influenced by underlying emotional or psychological issues, because no amount of cosmetic treatment is a healthy substitute for resolving these types of concerns.
  3. What are your expectations? Injectable fillers can provide excellent results that can make you look years younger, but you should maintain realistic expectations about what they can and cannot do. Can they make your skin smoother and fuller? Yes. Are they a miracle cure for depression, a negative body image, or other unwanted life circumstances? No. (The American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

The Bottom Line

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look your best in every aspect of life, whether that’s your career, your family, or purely for yourself. Sometimes, the first signs of aging that tend to show up as fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin can put a dent in one’s self-esteem and body image. If this is the case for you, injectable fillers can offer great results that smooth away lines and wrinkles and help you achieve that plumped, younger-looking skin you want. As long as you’re opting for facial fillers for the right reasons, these easy procedures can have a very real effect on your overall quality of life.

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