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Pittsburgh & Wexford Med Spa Tour

Wexford Spa Gallery

Upper St. Clair Spa Gallery

Acqua Blu Medical Spa has two locations to welcome patients throughout the greater Pittsburgh area including a Wexford and Upper St Clair medical spa. Each space is dedicated to your comfort and safety that is energized with the finest finishes and attended by a medical team and professional staff that knows no limits to exquisite patient care.

The Wexford spa offers simple beauty with an impeccable selection of colors that are neutral and reminiscent of nature, subtle hues of blue, beige and grays. There are no complete patterns; lines are simple, smooth and streamlined. The décor mirrors Dr Heil’s exacting standards of aesthetic beauty as well as his warm and welcoming personality.

The Upper St Clair location has a contemporary flavor with cool, soothing ocean hues of turquoise and aqua, a waterfall, magnificent sculptures, and minimalist design. The water and other elements from nature evoke a sense of relaxation and intimacy that patients love.

Your journey through any treatment or procedure will be based in proven practices and sound medicine. Our entire staff, from our board certified plastic surgeon to board certified dermatologists to physician assistants, certified laser specialists, medical assistants and coordinators, are at your service. They will make appointments, talk you through procedures and options, and recommend complementary treatments or products, all to help you achieve your goals. Here you are treated as a whole person, and when your wants and needs cross over from aesthetic procedures to dermatological care, you have immediate access to another medical discipline and your medical chart follows you seamlessly between disciplines.

Welcome to a new era of medical aesthetics; a patient-centered, results-oriented, whole-person approach to being your most beautiful self.