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Is Skin Resurfacing Right for You?

At our medical spa, we offer a wide-range of skin treatments that help patients correct cosmetic imperfections. With even a short outpatient procedure, you could look and feel ten years younger. Today’s aesthetic medical technology can virtually erase decades of sun damage or acne scarring.

Our plastic surgeons have undergone extensive training in innovative therapies like the ThermiVa treatment. At our Pittsburgh and Wexford locations, each of our skilled experts has performed procedures like MicroLaserPeel, Profractional Therapy, and Contour TRL on thousands of patients. They have the experience necessary to determine which procedure would suit each patient best.

If you come in for a consultation, your doctor will inquire about your aesthetic goals while examining the areas you would like to improve. Your doctor will then pick a procedure and optimize it according to your downtime expectations and the extent of the imperfections the treatment will address. Typically, skin rejuvenation treatments are broken down into superficial resurfacing procedures, fractional resurfacing procedures, and deep resurfacing procedures.

MicroLaserPeelTM (Superficial)

In this treatment, a laser removes a thin layer of the patient’s damaged epidermis, creating a more desirable texture and appearance. After minimal downtime, the skin heals, resulting in smoother skin and more even color.

ProFractional TherapyTM (Fractional)

This procedure makes use of fractional skin resurfacing to promote the production of new collagen, which helps your face look full, vibrant, and firm. A small laser targets many miniscule areas of the skin, leaving small points of untreated tissue. This technique accelerates the healing process as the body breaks down old, damaged cells.

Contour TRLTM (Deep)

In a deep skin resurfacing treatment like Contour TRLTM (tunable resurfacing laser), a physician can target damaged tissue with precise accuracy and power, treating mild to deep wrinkles and reducing scars. After recovery, patients are often astonished to see their skin’s dramatic improvement.

To achieve the desired results, your doctor may combine any of these skin resurfacing procedures with other skin therapies. These extraordinary treatments allow us to optimize differently for each patient according to their needs and desires.

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