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Dermaplaning Isn’t the Same as Shaving

Dermaplaning removes the vellus hairs – the soft, surface hairs of your face. It also goes a step beyond and removes the dead skin cells on your face, giving you an exfoliation treatment like other techniques, such as a light chemical peel. Shaving lacks the precision of dermaplaning and does not exfoliate in the manner that dermaplaning was designed to do. This treatment done by a professional, can keep your skin looking fresh, smooth, and glowing.

Dermaplaning: precision exfoliation and hair removal

Many people, as they age, develop fine hair, known as vellus hair. This “peach-fuzz” can hinder make-up application and can make you feel self-conscious. Dermaplaning removes this soft layer of hair, as well as the dying skin cells on the surface of your face, to reveal brighter, smoother skin. Some of the benefits of dermaplaning include:

  • Smoother, fresher skin
  • Easier application of makeup
  • Rejuvenated appearance
  • Gentle exfoliation technique
  • Able to be performed on people who are not candidates for a chemical peel or laser treatment

Am I a candidate for dermaplaning?

Candidates for dermaplaning include anyone with fine, vellus hair they would like to remove, or anyone looking for gentle, chemical-free exfoliation. If you have active acne or infections on your skin, then dermaplaning may irritate that condition, so you must wait until your skin is clear before undergoing the treatment. Schedule a consultation with us today to see if you could benefit from dermaplaning.

Will my hair grow back darker after dermaplaning?

Your hair will not grow back darker after dermaplaning. Dermaplaning, as well as shaving, do not affect the hair follicle. You can expect to see the hair growing back about a week after treatment with the same thickness and color it was before treatment.

Professional dermaplaning treatments vs. dermaplaning at home

Having dermaplaning performed by a trained and certified professional means that you are receiving the highest quality treatment. The surgical grade blades used by professionals can remove the surface layer of skin as well as the vellus hairs without any snagging. You don’t want to risk scarring or ingrown hairs by trying the procedure at home.

Dermaplaning kits for at-home use do not contain the materials necessary for precision exfoliation. Also, re-using a blade could pose a risk of infection, especially if you have active infections or acne. Dermaplaning should be performed by a trained professional – not at home.

Our approach

Our skin specialists are highly trained and love helping people look and feel their best. Our offices are inviting and relaxing so that your dermaplaning experience is tranquil and pleasurable. We use surgical grade blades that produce incredibly smooth results that you’ll love. By having a professional treatment, your skin is in safe hands, as we ensure that the right treatment is being used for your skin type, health, and cosmetic concerns. Have the treatment you deserve and treat yourself to smooth, beautiful skin. We aim to help you shine, inside and out!

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Do Fillers Last Longer in Forehead Frown Lines Than BOTOX?

If you are new to injectables, you may feel confused about whether BOTOX or dermal fillers will work best for smoothing your forehead frown lines.

Frown lines between your brows, called “glabellar lines” are caused by continuous muscle motions, such as squinting, concentrating, or frowning. With age, your skin loses its elasticity and collagen, and the constant facial motions lead to creases or wrinkles your skin. Horizontal forehead creases can become deeply etched, adding years to your facial appearance. To smooth these lines and wrinkles, what is the best treatment, BOTOX or a dermal filler?

Not all wrinkles are the same

When you treat wrinkles, you need to understand that your forehead wrinkles are different than any lines you may have around your lips or eyes. In short, different wrinkles have different causes, and therefore can require one treatment or the other, or a combination of several treatments.

First, let’s take a look at how BOTOX and fillers work

BOTOX is short for botulinum toxin. It is injected directly into the areas where you have lines from various facial expressions. BOTOX relaxes the muscle tension, which ultimately relaxes the lines and wrinkles.

Fillers are injectables designed to restore volume to your tissue. The most common fillers contain hyaluronic acid. These fillers are injected into the targeted area to replace lost volume and revitalize the skin by stimulating the growth of new collagen.

So, what works best?

Fillers typically last longer than BOTOX in most cases, but a filler may or may not give you the long-lasting results you would want for forehead lines. The lines can be smoothed with fillers, but in most cases, BOTOX is a superior choice for forehead lines. When fillers are used to smooth these lines, the filler is less effective and dissipates much more quickly as it is shed by the body due to the constant muscle motions.

Forehead wrinkles created by facial muscle motions may be better treated with BOTOX. This is because this injectable is designed to target the muscle itself. Forehead lines can be stubborn, and when the muscle forces have been working on the skin for a long period of time, the wrinkles may not be completely smoothed, even with a BOTOX treatment. In this instance, you will see a smoothing of your forehead creases with BOTOX, which can be enhanced with a subtle injection of a filler for an overall improvement. Fillers for forehead creases will last longer when used in combination with BOTOX.

Your injector will have an impact on your results

For beautifully natural results, your injections should be performed by a professional injector. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Heil and his team are dedicated to providing you with the individualized attention and care you deserve. He is known and well respected for his knowledge, expertise, and informative consultations. At Acqua Blu Medical Spa, you can feel confident that Dr. Heil and his staff will actively listen to your goals and desires. He and his team take pride and satisfaction in knowing that their patients feel beautiful and confident with the results achieved.

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Turn Back the Hands of Time with Non-Surgical Wrinkle Treatments

Wrinkles are a natural part of the body’s aging process, and just because you have them, doesn’t necessarily mean you should have to live with them. Men and women who are unhappy with wrinkles, but are apprehensive about surgical options, can turn to Acqua Blu Medical Spa for innovative non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments near Wexford, PA.

Minimally-invasive treatments improve skin texture and appearance. Our medical professionals are highly-trained and certified in all facets of skin care, and they can recommend suitable treatments, including chemical peels, botox or laser skin treatment in Pittsburgh, PA — just to name a few. They will happily review all treatment options with you during a free consultation. Schedule yours today by calling 724-269-2726.

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What Are the Best Non-Surgical Treatments for Wrinkles?

The best non-surgical treatments for wrinkles can be found at Acqua Blu Medical Spa. We offer advanced treatment options that a highly-skilled medical professional will review with you. These treatments can range from various skin procedures, the use of lasers, and different forms of injectables.

Years ago, it used to be that you’d have to schedule a visit to a plastic surgeon if you wanted to enhance your facial features, eliminate wrinkles, and turn back the clock. Thankfully, aesthetic medicine has evolved significantly in the last decade, allowing us to achieve similar results with non-invasive treatments that require no general anesthetic, no surgery, and no downtime.

As the premier provider of a diverse range of skin solutions, treatments, and specials, Acqua Blu Medical Spa’s skin treatment experts in the Wexford, PA, area understand that you may not want to opt for surgery, but would instead prefer a non-surgical treatment for your wrinkles. And with our skin treatment options, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective and popular ways to treat your wrinkles without surgery.

What Causes Wrinkles?

To understand how and why our non-surgical solutions work to treat your wrinkles, let’s first talk about wrinkles themselves and what causes them. The process of aging manifests itself in a number of ways. For instance, a loss of fat volume, a loss of bone structure, expression lines, and yes — wrinkles — can occur. There can be other factors that play a role in the formation of wrinkles as well, including sun damage and gravity, just to name a few.

Because of all the distinct types of skin and skin issues that patients experience, there typically isn’t one single treatment that can address them all. In fact, it’s precisely why our doctors offer a vast array of treatment options to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore your skin’s healthy, supple glow.

Review the three most popular categories of non-surgical wrinkle treatment options below, and then continue reading as we delve into each one:

Skin Treatments

Chemical Peels
Chemical peels have become an effective way to treat wrinkles, fine lines, and even skin discoloration. We feature a complete line of Mesoestetic chemical peels, which use a combination of exfoliating agents that cause dead skin cells to peel off when applied. Not only can our Mesoestetic chemical peels reduce wrinkles, small scars, discoloration, and sun damaged skin, but they can also promote and stimulate collagen production, which results in tighter, fuller skin.

This type of treatment utilizes fine crystals to help “sand” the face and remove dead skin cells from it. As a virtually pain-free process, microdermabrasion decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and helps to improve your skin’s overall texture, all without the need for surgery or anesthesia.

Laser and Other Procedures

These procedures rely on the use of heat applied to both the dermal and epidermal layers of the skin, which, in turn, causes the body to respond by producing more collagen in those areas. When collagen production increases, it helps to thicken and plump the skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles, acne scars, fine lines, and even stretch marks. Laser skin therapy also improves skin tone and tightness, and works to enhance its texture as well.

Sciton Laser
This type of treatment improves skin imperfections using a laser beam across the affected area. During this resurfacing procedure, a layer of the skin is safely removed, which causes the skin to naturally replace it with a healthier layer of skin. It’s used to treat an array of skin issues, from discoloration and wrinkles to texture and tone.


When injected into the skin, this popular treatment “paralyzes” the skin and prevents it from creasing, therefore eliminating wrinkles from expression lines such as frown lines and surprise lines. When injected by a medical professional, Botox can significantly smooth these lines and inhibit them from becoming more prominent. Additionally, Botox treatment can last several months or more, especially if combined with continuing treatment.

By injecting natural filler materials under the skin, dermal fillers like Juvederm can help to fill in deep folds like smile or laugh lines, decrease wrinkles, create fuller lips, and even plump up hollow cheeks. Dermal fillers don’t just tighten and smooth the skin; they’re so effective that they can actually change your profile to appear more youthful and supple. Juvederm treatments can last up to a year, making them a perfect long-term non-surgical solution to enhance your skin’s appearance.

Whatever your skin tone, skin type, or goals, the professionals at Acqua Blu Medical Spa can help you reduce your wrinkles and restore your skin’s healthy and youthful glow, all without the need for surgery or invasive procedures. For laser skin treatments in or around Pittsburgh, PA, reach out to our experts to see what options are right for you. For more information or to schedule a consultation, call us today at 724-269-2726.

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Love Injectables This Fall

From runway-ready cheekbones to baby-smooth skin, now is the time to enhance your appearance with injectables! After the intense sunlight of summer and before the harsh cold of winter, your skin deserves a little pampering.

Whether this is your first time trying injectables or you are a total pro, there are so many reasons why you will love these treatments in the fall, and during every season.